To live a conscious and happy life, you must experience and implement a practical lifestyle that incorporates continuous, positive habits for vitality and victory.  You must understand that being alive means living with stress.  You must learn how you personally react to stress and develop specific strategies for managing stress and increasing your vitality.

Stress is the number one cause of all disease in America.  It directly affects your ability to live to your full potential.  To handle stress, you must learn to cultivate your core vitality to honor and use the opportunities that come with each breath.

Vitality is all around you and within you.  It is the ability to find, organize and use the resources you need to fulfill your highest destiny and identity.  Vitality is about clarity amidst difficulties and roadblocks. You must recognize the value of your physical and energetic bodies and take steps to maintain them.  A vital person must learn to thrive under stress and challenge and becomes a spiritual warrior who leads, uplifts and delivers effective decisions to all those in their lives and especially to themselves.

Please join us for a practical and powerful course on managing stress and increasing vitality in your life using the unequaled kriyas (yoga postures and sets), pranayams (breathing techniques) and meditations of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, as taught by Yogi Bhajan®Unstress for Life will allow you to quickly and concisely become aware of your own inner ability to become balanced physically, mentally and spiritually.

We will spend time on the four primary areas of your stressful life:  money (job, career, staying prosperous in these economic times), personal growth and development, family and social life, and your physical health and well-being.  You will be renewed, inspired, and directed to implement the practical tools necessary to continue your growth, expansion, health and prosperity on a daily basis.

Unstress for Life instructors are Dr. Gurusahay Singh Khalsa and Mukta Kaur Khalsa (  Known for their inspiration, humor and wisdom, they are dynamic and vibrant teachers with a unique ability to simplify and clarify the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.  They have taught internationally for over 30 years on Kundalini Yoga, meditation, yoga posture, stress management, prosperity, and health and healing.

Friday, January 16, 2009   7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  $35
To register call:    Yoga Source    (954) 340-0099
7422 Wiles Rd.  Coral Springs, FL 33067

Please bring an empty stomach, a mat to sit on, some drinking water,
loose, comfortable clothes, and a light shawl or blanket

“Adversity cannot remain where man is smiling; prosperity doesn't live where man is frowning.” –Yogi Bhajan

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